To secure a fixed position on the waiting list with a guaranteed purchase price a deposit of 5% of that price is required.

At the time of commencement of work a further 20% to cover materials are due. From receipt of the full 25% deposit the instrument is guaranteed to be finished within three calendar months.

On taking delivery of the instrument the customer has a trial period of ten days to make a final purchase decision. Full settlement of accounts is due strictly within 28 days of delivery, unless otherwise agreed.

In the unlikely event of the customer deciding against purchasing the instrument the deposit will be refunded.

Each instrument comes with a certificate of authenticity including rubber-stamped photographs of front-, back- and side-view, as well as of the hand-written label and branded button.

Instruments are covered by a lifetime warranty on all technical aspects, which can reasonably be described to be the maker’s responsibility. Wear and tear or accidental damage is strictly excluded.

Each of his instruments carries a one-year sound and set up warranty. This covers all adjustments relevant to sound and is free at the point of delivery.