Active in the ‘British Violin Making Association’ (BVMA) since it’s founding in 1995 Kai-Thomas became its chairman from 2002-04.

Kai-Thomas makes Violins, Violas, ’Cellos and Double Basses to modern, transitional and baroque specifications, as well as viols. His reputation for cellos, of which upward of 60 are being played in concert halls the world over, is virtually unrivalled in the United Kingdom.

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A wide choice of models already exists for most instruments but new research will be undertaken to customer’s wishes. Any favoured original can be used as the basis for the instrument to be made.

He has experimented with slightly more unusual designs such as ‘violoncello piccolo’ and five-string viola, as well as no longer common sizes of period instruments.

Customers benefit from Kai-Thomas’s expertise in sound adjustment and set up to suit the individual artist.

Specialising exclusively in making bowed stringed instruments all experience and expertise gained since 1986 are concentrated on the manufacture of these intricate complex artefacts. For that reason Kai-Thomas neither has a shop nor employees and he does not deal in old instruments or undertake repairs. This puts him amongst the few makers who immerse themselves completely in creating instruments.

Among his customers for Period Instruments are the following:
Peter Collier (English Baroque Soloists et al.): baroque viola after A. Guarneri
Richard Campbell (Fretwork et al.): baroque Cello after G.P. Maggini
Robert Lay (ex-BBC Scottish Orch.): vc-piccolo, five string after P. Rombouts
To order by professor Jaap ter Linden: two baroque cellos for Musikhochschule Würzburg after G.B. Guadagnini (Isserlis) & C. Tononi (ex-Casals)
Professor Alexander Baillie: bass viol, own model

Among his customers for Modern Instruments are the following:
Anita Sulski (former student with R.Ricci) violin after Guar. del Gesú, (1742,’Alard’)
Kate Read (LSO,BBC Symph. et al.): viola (16”1/2) after J. Hill
Helen Thatcher (Sorrel Quartet et al): cello after F. Ruggieri (RNCM)
Hannah Roberts (cello professor RNCM): cello after M. Goffriller
Toril Syrrist Gelgota (Oslo Phil.): cello after C.G. Testore (Ferrand)
Sian Evans (Ulster Orchestra): cello after M. Goffriller (C.Carr)
Anna Shuttleworth (ex-cello professor RCM et al): cello after her C.Tononi
Neil Heyde (Kreutzer Quartet, cello teacher RAM): cello after M. Goffriller